Contribution on New Remy Album

There was be a new CD released at the E-day festival in Oirschot (NL) on the 16th of April 2011 by Remy Stroomer from The Netherlands who released under his artist name Remy. We have first met on several occasions, mostly electronic music related events. We have become good friends since then and are in regular contact over the Internet. Remy has visited my studio several times and we already did some music together. When Remy asked my to do a contribution for his new CD I gladly said yes. His new album is called 'i-Dentity' and especially the title track is something very special. It is a 24 minutes long track, but very varied. It features several guest artist like Francis Rimbert (who playes on stage with Jean Michel Jarre), Erik Wollo, Gert Emmens and also by I play a solo on top of Remy's music for about two minutes. right after Gert Emmens. I'm very honored to be on this CD together with all these great artists.  This is the first Remy and collaboration and I'm sure more will follow in the future. I'm glad to have been able to contribute to Remy's new CD in this way. The album is up for sale already. It costs only 10 euros ! More information on the album at You can also listen to an excerpt of the track here. It starts with part of the solo by Gert Emmens and after 43 seconds my solo starts.

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