AeroDynamics - Mark Jenkins

One of the most acclaimed Groove releases of recent years, this one's inspired by motor racing and so at least has some kind of theme to follow through the course of the CD. Here we're looking at a delightful mix of Jean-Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk (though as usual with no vocals) created by Dutch keyboardist Michel van Osenbruggen, with the opening "Scuderia" laced with racing car noises, the bouncy "Maranello" layering thumping Techno drums under a sweeping melody part, and much use throughout of sweeping flanger and phaser effects to represent the effects of wind and rain on the speeding motor vehicles. Just the sort of thing you'd hear used on a TV documentary about motor sports, well produced with a good powerful sound mix

and even, dare it be said, a touch of humor in its mixture of music and sound effects.


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