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[Synth.NL] A New Synth.NL Update

[Synth.NL] A New Synth.NL Update

A N‍ew Synth.NL Update

Hi it has been a while again since I send an update. But today I have some news for you. I'm sorry about not sending more often, but I'm very busy at the moment. I'll explain why later.


PalaeonTology Cover Revealed‍

I'm currently working hard on both the music and the artwork for my upcoming new solo album. The album will be called PalaeonTology and it is inspired by dinosaurs. This album will be a travel through some of the more well know prehistoric periods and will feature several dinosaur species. On land, in the water and in the air. I already have about 50% of the album done and the plan is to release it in October on the E-live festival by Groove Unlimited in Eindhoven in The Netherlands. I hope I will make it. I will be there any way and plan to have a small stall there. Normally on my concept albums I use a lot of sound I sampled. That is of course a bit hard with extinct species. So I did some sound design inspired by Jurassic Park and made my own dinosaur sounds. Can't wait to let you here those, but for now here is the cover of the album. I hope you like it. I will show more of the artwork and the album later. You can already fine the track list on this link:

New Album coming called TimeTravel

 I have some good news. I told you before I'm working on a new solo album called PalaeonTology,  but there is another album coming very soon. It will be called TimeTravel and it is kind of different. In the past years I released a lot of single tracks on different samplers. Some where for sale like the Dutch Masters and Analogy 3 album by Groove Unlimited. But I also donated some tracks to the German Electronic Music Club Schallwende. They give a sampler CD every year to their members, so these tracks were never really for sale for everyone. There is also new (well actually old) material on the album. Some track that were never released. One track that didn't make my AeroDynamics debut album because I had 68 minutes already. And 2 old tracks that I found on my computer and decided to finish. All track will be completely re-mixed and mastered by my good friend Ron Boots. The artwork was done by my youngest daughter Tamara van Osenbruggen. I'm very proud of that and she will do more for me in the future. I hope you like it. I really do. I will show more of the artwork later. You can read a little bit about the album here already:

Jurassic Studio Tour‍

 As you all know my old studio was gone because of the divorce. With the help of my good friend Ron Boots I was able to build a new studio again in our new apartment in Rotterdam where I live with my girlfriend Sonja. She didn't plan for me to move in so there isn't much room. The studio is actually 2 x 3 meters, but I'm very happy with it. Here is a small tour of my new studio. I managed to save some equipment from my old studio and bought some used and new stuff to start all over again. Here is a nice overview of my desk. I'm still using Cakewalk Sonar from Bandlab and a Native Instruments Komplete master keyboard. Since the studio isn't very wide I build in as compact as possible. Most stuff is modules and eurorack modular. as you can see. You can find the rest of the tour on my blog: or my website

New Company ArtiLED BV

Like I said in the beginnen of this E-mail I have been very busy.I started a new company. On this blog I will also update you on that. The company is called ArtiLED and as the name suggests it has something to do with Art and Leds. When I moved into my new apartment in Rotterdam I was looking for some special lighting and what I wanted wasn't available. So I decided to start building my own lights based on Smart Leds. Every light will be custom build from a raw piece of aluminum and every light will be it's own computer. Every led can be individually addressed and it will react to music and images. I will show you more later. If you can understand Dutch (of know how to use Google Translate) you can have a peek at the website I'm building even though it isn't finished yet. The first product will be a single Led Computer without the lamp. I will explain how and when later. For me this is the ideal combination of my hobbies. Electronics, 3D design and programming. Here is a small intro video. Here is the link to the website You can also follow the company on Instagram if you like:

Thank you all for your support. Hopefully there will be an E-live festival again this october in Eindhoven in The Netherlands. May we will see each other there? I will be there for sure.


Michel, Synth.NL