Apollo Sound Clips Online

It is always very scary to put a new album out there in the wild, but I guess waiting won't make it less scary ;) So, today I decided to put 5 tracks online for you on my website. Just like it did with  my previous albums these are Low Quality MP3 files. The Quality on the CD will be much better and there are 12 tracks on the CD with a total length of 71 minutes. I selected these tracks, but I could have taken others as well. I think the album is very varied so it is difficult to take a few tracks to represent the whole album, but I guess this will give you a rough idea. The tracks are in a Flash player, so in able to hear them you will need a recent version of Adobe Flash player installed on your computer. If you don't have Flash you will have to wait a little longer until the tracks come available on various other websites. You might need to clear you browser cache by the way if you visited this page before and don't see tracks in the player. I hope you like the music you can find it on http://www.synth.nl/Apollo. The album will be released on CD on the 1st of October 2011. You can already order it from Groove Unlimited. The sales link is next to the player. Enjoy!

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