AeroDynamics - Math Howarth

This release from 2007 offers 68 minutes of fleet electronic music. is Michael van Osenbruggen. Energetic electronics flourish here, creating engaging tunes peppered with sliding punctuations and chugging rhythms. A versatility is present in the electronics. Airy textures roil at the edges, evoking the impression that each song is zooming along. Crystalline chords swirl with jubilant resolve, generating a mood of amiable comfort. Sharper riffs are triggered by nimble-fingered keyboards, establishing an invigorating effervescence.

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AeroDynamics - Bert Strolenberg

The musician behind Synth.Nl is the Dutchman Michel van Osenbruggen, who started recording music for his concept album "AeroDynamics" in 2006. Although I can.t say the cd-cover to it is that attractive to me, the twelve tracks on the disc speak their own language. It's a nice collection of mellow-melodic pieces with proper portioned rhythms which all sound very honest and open. They are not that fancy, but still well done, sometimes even slightly leaning towards techno/dance kindred music, this due to his fast sequencing style.

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AeroDynamics - Stefan Schelle ist ein neuer Name in der Elektronik-Szene (ein gut gewählter Name für die Nutzung des Internets). Hinter diesem Pseudonym verbirgt dich der Niederländer Michel van Osenbruggen. Er hat beruflich seit Jahren mit Elektronik zu tun und begann im Jahr 2005 damit seine eigene Musik zu machen. In 2006 begann er dann mit den Stücken zu dem jetzt, im Herbst 2007 veröffentlichten Debütalbum 'Aerodynamics'.

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AeroDynamics - Roberto Vales

El sello holandés Groove nos presenta el primer trabajo publicado de, nombre tras el cual se encuentra el compositor holandés Michel Van Osenbruggen. En "AeroDynamics" quedan patentes las dos grandes pasiones de este hombre, los sintetizadores (los colecciona desde 1991) y la Aerodinámica, es este último concepto en el que se inspira para la composición de sus temas, principalmente en aviones y coches de F1, esto último queda reflejado en la portada del propio disco.

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