PrimiTiveS on Dreamscape Radio

PrimiTiveS on Dreamscape RadioHere is the first chance for you to listen to a track from the upcoming PrimiTiveS album of Remy & Ron Boots plays a part of the openingstrack from the album on his weekly Dreamscape Radio. The track is called 'Underground Tubes' and it slowly warms you up for the rest of the album. (we hope). The whole track is 12 minutes and 18 second long. I hope you like it. You can listen Dreamscape Radio on this URL: The show will be online for a week so be quick to listen

Another Release coming with Ron Boots!

BorkHavn StudioWhile I'm very busy together with Remy Stroomer to promote our new collaboration album I have more exciting collaboration news. Last year we spend a weeks holiday again together with Ron Boots and his family in BorkHavn, Denmark. And YES we brought our synthesizers along with us again! We made a lot of new music there and decided that we will release this music on a new collaboration album. We still have a lot of work on this album, but the plan is to start working on this right after E-day. We already selected the best pieces that will go on the album. I'm really looking forward to another release together with Ron Boots. More news will follow later this year.

Quick Update on PrimiTiveS and E-day

PrimiTiveS Boekje BackI have a quick update on PrimiTiveS for you: Everything is done for PrimiTiveS. Wouter Bessels has done an excellent job on the mastering and everything is of now to the mastering plant. I also send out the first album previews to some radio stations and the reactions are very positive. I already got 4 interview request from that, so keep posted for news on those. I also replaced the sneak preview clips I uploaded last week with the final mastered version. You can find them on the usual URL's: and of course this is only mp3 quality so the actual CD will be much better. More good news is that E-day goes on for sure! Enough tickets are sold now so you can definitely pick up your copy on Remy's stall on E-day 2013 on the 6th of April in Oirschot in The Netherlands. More info

PrimiTiveS Sneak Preview!

PrimiTiveS Sneak PreviewI promised to get back to you when I had some sound clips. I have put together a short mix with sound clips from the first masters I got back of all the tracks of the PrimiTiveS album together with Remy Stroomer. The mastering process is not complete yet, but this will give you a good idea of the music and the overall sound of the album. You can listen to them on both my SoundCloud page or on my own website. Here are the URL's: +
I hope you like them.

Keep E-day festival Alive!

The release of PrimiTiveS was planned on the yearly E-day festival that my record label Groove Unlimited organizes every year. Unfortunately the ticket sales are very bad and the event maybe cancelled :( That would be a real bummer and mean no release party for PrimiTiveS either and possible the end for the festival definately :( So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy a ticket and come and pick your copy up at the E-day festival in Oirschot in The Netherlands on the 6th of April. Remy and I will both be present and sign it for you if you like. E-day is a great festival with concerts all day a lot of artists present and a great atmosphere. Go buy your ticket here NOW PLEASE! Let me know if you need any assistance.

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