Apollo Sound Clips Online

It is always very scary to put a new album out there in the wild, but I guess waiting won't make it less scary ;) So, today I decided to put 5 tracks online for you on my website. Just like it did with  my previous albums these are Low Quality MP3 files. The Quality on the CD will be much better and there are 12 tracks on the CD with a total length of 71 minutes. I selected these tracks, but I could have taken others as well. I think the album is very varied so it is difficult to take a few tracks to represent the whole album, but I guess this will give you a rough idea. The tracks are in a Flash player, so in able to hear them you will need a recent version of Adobe Flash player installed on your computer. If you don't have Flash you will have to wait a little longer until the tracks come available on various other websites. You might need to clear you browser cache by the way if you visited this page before and don't see tracks in the player. I hope you like the music you can find it on http://www.synth.nl/Apollo. The album will be released on CD on the 1st of October 2011. You can already order it from Groove Unlimited. The sales link is next to the player. Enjoy!

Apollo Record Contract Signed!

Apollo CoverLast week I signed a record contract with my label Groove Unlimited for my upcoming Apollo album. So now everything is official. Apollo will be released on the 1st of October on the Electronic Circus festival in Gütersloh Germany.


You can already pre-order the album from Groove Unlimited and if you pick it up from either the Electronic Circus Festival in Germany on the 1st of October or the E-live festival in Oirschot in the Netherlands on the 15th of October you will get an additional 10% discount and of course no shipping costs.


You can find more information on the festivals on these URL's:


Electronic Circus Festival -> http://www.electronic-circus.net/

E-live Festival -> http://www.e-live.nl


You can pre-order the album from Groove Unlimited on this URL -> http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artiest=synth.nl


The album will be available later from more locations, both as physical CD and also as digital download in high quality. You can find more information on the album here -> http://www.synth.nl/Apollo


I'm currently still working hard on finishing both the album and the artwork. Also the mastering still has to be done. Preview will follow as soon as possible. Please contact me if you have any questions. I also put a new design on the website to get in the Apollo mood. I hope you like it :) And please let me know if you run into any kind of problems.

Apollo already up for Pre-Order!

Apollo Pre-OrderGroove Unlimited already added my upcoming Apollo album to their website so you can already pre-order the album. In this way you will be sure to be one of the first to have the album as soon as it is out. I heard that already some of you ordered it. Thank you very much for the confidence and I hope of course that you will like it. You can only pre-order Apollo directly from Groove Unlimited at this time. When the album is released it will be for sale on more places. You can get find it at this URL:


Of course you can also pick it up at the Electronic Circus or E-live festival if you rather get it from me directly More information on the album here http://www.synth.nl/Apollo

Apollo Release Date Set!

Apollo Album Cover

I know I have kept you waiting for a long time, but I'm almost done with the Apollo album now. In the mean time I discussed the release with my record label Groove Unlimited and we decided that we are going to release the album on CD at the Electronic Circus Festival in Germany. It will be held in Güthersloh on the 1st of October 2011. I will have a stall there were you can buy the album from me first hand. You can find more information on the festival on this URL: http://www.electronic-circus.net/

I will also be present with a stall at the E-live festival on the 15th of October in Oirschot, The Netherlands where you can also get the album directly from me. More information on that festival on this URL: http://www.e-live.nl

I hope to see you on one of these occasions :) I'm looking forward to the release and until then I'll be working on it for sure. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Interview with Sonic Immersion

Sonic Immersion Recently I did an interview with Bert Strolenberg from Sonic Immersion, a very good website about electronic music with lots of reviews and interviews. Bert asked me some very different questions and it was a lot of fun to answer them, so I hope you will like reading it. You can find the interview on his website on this URL: http://www.sonicimmersion.org/interview.php?letter=S&interview=90508. Be sure when you are done reading to bookmark his website and read some more on it. It is a treasure of information and Bert is a very good reviewer in my opinion. Enjoy!

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