YuSynthAs said before Yves Usson runs a great website on YuSynth.net. You can find everything you need to build his modules on there. For these modules I actually even made my own PCB's. I did this in the work shop of the electronics company I used to work for. Then I sourced all the components and finished the electronics. This wasn't even the hardest part actually. I had more trouble finding a way to create the front panels. In the end I found a solution through a company called Schaeffer AG. They supply a piece of software were you can design your front panel and then you just upload that file and they make the front panel :) I wrote a lot of articles about this process on my blog back then. You can find a link to the blog articles on the bottom of this article.

I build quite some modules by now. Here is a list with all the modules I build or am building with the state they are in:

  • Finished 1 YuSynth Random Module (Noise and Sample & Hold)
  • Finished 1 YuSynth EMS VCF Module (Diode Ladder Filter)
  • Finished 1 YuSynth Minimoog VCF Module (Transistor Ladder Filter)
  • Finished 1 YuSynth ARP VCF Module
  • Finished 1 YuSynth Steiner VCF Module
  • Finished 1 YuSynth Fixed Filter Bank Module
  • Finished 3 YuSynth VCO Modules
  • Finished 2 YuSynth VCA Modules
  • Finished 2 YuSynth VC-LFO Modules
  • Finished 1 YuSynth Saw Animator Module
  • Finished 3 YuSynth Audio/CV Mixer Modules
  • Finished 2 YuSynth ADSR Modules

And here you can find the Blog Articles: http://synthnl.blogspot.com/search/label/yusynth

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