Classical Coming: 2024?, ?

I started working on a new project as well called 'Classical'. It will be a project for 2011/2012 maybe. The objective is to make a CD with versions of famous classical tracks from the old composers like Vivaldi, van Beethoven, Bach and Pachelbel.








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Not released yet




Please note that these are covers. Not my own compositions!







Track info:

1 MoonLight 5m25s The classical piece of Beethoven called Moonlight Senato.
2 Canon 4m50s The classical piece of Pachelbel called Canon
3 Vera 4m27s The classical piece 'Primavera' from Vivaldi's Four Seasons. This is the Sping part.
4 Adagio 4m53s The classical piece of Bach
5 Inverno 3m40s The classical piece 'l Inverno' from Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons'. This is the Winter part.
6 Autunno 4m57s This is the Autum part from Vivaldi's Four Seasons.
7 Five 4m21s The classical piece of Beethoven called Fifth Symphony.
8 Albinoni 5m43s Soon
9 Presto 3m39s The classical piece of Vivaldi called 'l Estate' from the 'Four Seasons'. This is the Summer part.
10 Ciacona 7m21s Soon
11 Elise 3m53s The classical piece Fur Elise.
12 Claire 4m23s A classical piece called 'Claire de Lune' by Debussy.

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