BorkHavn Released: 12th of December 2021

This is my fifth solo album called 'TimeTravel' and it is kind of different from my previous solo releases. In the last years I released a lot of single tracks on different sampler CDs. Some were for sale like the 'Dutch Masters' and 'Analogy 3' albums by Groove Unlimited, but I also donated some tracks to the German Electronic Music Club Schallwende. They give a free sampler CD every year to their members, so these tracks were never really available for everyone. There is also new (well actually old) material on the album, some tracks that were never released at all. One track that didn't make my AeroDynamics debut album because I had 68 minutes of music already and two old tracks that I found on my computer and decided to finish. All tracks haven been completely re-mixed and re-mastered by my good friend Ron Boots. So even if you have the Schallwende CDs: These versions are different and they are released as download in higher quality as well (48 kHz/24 bit). The artwork was done by my youngest daughter Tamara van Osenbruggen. I'm very proud of that and she will do more for me in the future. I hope you like it. I really do. This album is dedicated to my lovely daughters Joyce and Tamara. I know the divorce has been hard on them. I hope you like the music. At least it was a nice Travel back in Time for me :)


Please note: These samples are only 1 minute excerpts of the actual songs.
The whole CD is over 77 minutes long and holds 12 tracks!



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Track info:

1 NachtWacht  7:33 NachtWacht was released in 2011 on the ‘Dutch Masters’ sampler album by Groove Unlimited in 2011. The idea was to create a track inspired by a painting. Back in school I learned about our famous Dutch Masters from the ‘Golden Age’ and I must admit that I never really cared much for paintings, until I saw a group of actors perform a live statue version of the Nachtwacht (Night Watch) painting by Rembrandt van Rijn. After that the painting started to fascinate me more and more and I wondered what it should sound like and that is what I expressed in this track.
2 Synthology  5:02 Synthology was released in 2007 on the ‘Analogy 3’ sampler by Groove Unlimited. The album was one big mix though, so the intro and outro of this track were mixed together with other tracks. So in fact it was never released like I intended it to be. This was officially my first release ever, since my first solo album AeroDynamics was indeed released on the same day but with a higher release number.
3 SynthWelle  4:56 SynthWelle was released in 2009 on the ‘Schallplatte XI’ sampler by Schallwende. It was only given to their members, so it was never for sale. They made a CD that year with all the winners and nominees for the Electronic Music Award called SchallWelle that they organized the year before. I was nominated in two categories, best newcomer and best CD. Unfortunately I didn’t win either, but I was proud to be on that CD.
4 Mercury  7:18 Mercury was released in 2010 on the ‘Schallplatte XII’ sampler by Schallwende. It was only given to their members, so it was never for sale. It was inspired by the NASA Mercury that was the start of their manned space mission. In 1961 Alan Shepard was put in suborbital flight in the Mercury-Redstone 3 and in 1962 the Mercury-Atlas 6 put John Glenn in orbit. This track was a teaser for the ‘Apollo‘ album I released in 2011.
5 DonQuixote  7:08 DonQuixote was released in 2011 on the ‘Schallplatte XIII’ sampler by Schallwende. It was only given to their members, so it was never for sale. The theme for this CD was literature this time and I chose the book fully titled: ‘The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha’ but I think everybody knows the main person as Don Quixote, the guy that fought wind mills on his donkey, because he thought they were giants. The book was written by Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes and was published in two volumes a decade apart (in 1605 and 1615).
6 Underground  4:38 Underground was released in 2013 on the ‘Schallplatte XV’ sampler by Schallwende. It was only given to their members, so it was never for sale. The theme of the CD was word cities and I made this track about my favorite city London. I used sounds I sampled in the London Underground during one of our family visits.
7 Taurus  5:19 Taurus was released in 2018 on the Schallwende sampler called ‘Die Besten aus 10 Jahren’. It was only given to their members, so it was never for sale. They made a double CD that year with all Schallwelle Award winners. I won the award for ‘Best Album of the Year’ twice actually. With ‘OceanoGraphy’ and ‘Apollo’. I made it during the sick bed of my (ex)father in law and the grandfather of my daughters. He didn’t make it unfortunately. Taurus was his ‘zodiac’ and mine too. He fought like a bull during his 9 months sick bed.
8 PingPong  5:27 PingPong was released in 2016 on the ‘Schallplatte XVIII’ sampler. It was only given to their members, so it was never for sale. The theme for this CD was sport and I chose table tennis. I have been playing since I was 18 so that was easy. I had a great time creating the rhythm track with table tennis sounds that I sampled. It was influenced by Reggae/Ska which was popular in The Netherlands when I started playing table tennis.
9 Gemini  5:36 Gemini was released in 2016 on the ‘Schallplatte XXIII’ sampler. It was only given to their members, so it was never for sale. This track was inspired by the Gemini program that superseded the Apollo missions. The Gemini project ran from 1964 to 1966 and was basically a dress rehearsal for Apollo. I didn’t compose new music since my Apollo album in 2011, so this track felt like a dress rehearsal for me too. This was the first track produced in my ‘Jurassic’ studio.
10 Motion  5:30 Motion was never released. I made this track originally for my debut solo album ‘AeroDynamics’ in 2007. I had 13 tracks back then and I decided to cut it to 12 because I already was on 68 minutes of music. So this track didn’t make the album. It is always hard to choose. I still liked the track though so I’m happy that I can finally let you listen to it. It was inspired by the motion of the wind like many tracks on this album.
11 MoveOn  5:45 MoveOn was never released. This was actually the first track I ever made. It is not my best and certainly not the style of music I ended up doing. Back then I was still looking for my own sound. I thought it would be nice though to share it with you. Ron had to do some serious re-mixing on this one though since back then I didn’t have those skills. It was made somewhere in 2005 when I was home with a burnout from work.
12 TimeTravel  5:40 TimeTravel was never released. Originally the track was called ‘Time’ and I remember I started this track on New Years Eve 2005/2006. I used some clock sounds I recorded for the rhythm. I realized another year had passed again. I thought it was a fitting track for the retrospect and travel back in time that this album is, so I renamed it and put it on this album. I did add some new things on this track from the original since some of it was lost in time unfortunately. So it is in fact a combination of ‘Old and New’. I think what also fits the New Years Eve inspiration from back then. I hope you enjoy this album.

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