BorkHavn Released: November 20th 2020, By Groove Unlimited

This is the second album by Ron Boots & Synth.NL. We first met at a Synthesizer Meeting organized by the Dutch 'Synth Forum' in 2006. There we started talking about synthesizers and synthesizer music and found out that we shared the same fascinations. As a result Michel signed up as Synth.NL in 2007 with Groove Unlimited. We worked a lot in the studio together after that remixing and mastering. We have become very good friends over time. As you know we recorded our first album on a holiday trip and we repeated the process. This time we rented a house in Bork Havn in Denmark with our families. During the day we took some trips and in the evening Ron and Michel made music in the temporary studio they created in the house with equipment brought from their home studios. We got the inspiration for the music we played from the beautiful nature in Bork Havn and the nice time we had with our families over there. All the tracks were played live as improvisations during this holiday and 8 years later! finished in both our studios. The album was be released on CD and is also for sale as a download album both in MP3 and FLAC format.


Please note samples will follow soon and will be only excerpts of the actual songs. The whole CD is over 60 minutes long and holds 9 tracks!



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Track info:

1 BorkHavn 5:13 Bork Havn is the town where we rented a house for a nice holiday with both our families in the summer of 2012. Bork Havn is located on the west coast of Denmark . It is very close to the North Sea and also has a lake called Ringkøbing Fjord. The nature is simply beautiful and very inspiring. It is also a very quiet town and a perfect spot the calm down. This was the first track we created there in an improvised studio we build there. We spend a whole week there and a cd with brand new music was the end result.
2 Morgenfrisk 7:52 Every morning we got up early to enjoy a nice breakfast together with our families and quickly go out the enjoy the nature around us. Morgenfrisk means ‘feeling fresh after a good night’s sleep‘ in Danish and that is a feeling we enjoyed every morning. It was so dark and quiet over there and during the days we had a busy program. In the evening we made music until the late hours. So we slept very well over there. Waking up rested is a nice feeling so we decided to create a track inspired by this feeling.
3 Nordsøen 8:20 The Danish word for North Sea is ‘Nordsøen‘. Bork Havn is very close to the North Sea and there are some lovely beaches over there with also nice dune areas. We went there a couple of times during our weeks stay, did some nice long walks there and the kids played on the beach and in the Sea. It is always great to see everyone have a great time and somehow looking at the sea always is very relaxing. This track was inspired by the North Sea and the lovely time we had at the beach on that day.
4 Stjernekiggeri 5:51 Because Bork Havn is not very densely populated it is very dark in the evening. We both are not used to this in the cities we live in The Netherlands. There is a lot of light pollution over there. So it was great when the sky was clear of clouds to go outside and watch the stars in all their awesomeness. We actually did the same when we recorded our first album and created a track about it there. You just feel so small and realize how big our universe is. ‘Stjernekiggeri’ is the Danish word for ‘Star Gazing’ and that is what inspired this track.
5 Torden 4:33 Another nature phenomena that occurred by coincidence during the recording of our first album was the sound of a distant thunder storm. It is never nice to be directly in a thunder storm, but somehow when it is further away and you hear the rain and see the lightning bolts in the distance and hear the thunder roar it is very inspiring to make music on that. ‘Torden’ is the Danish word for ‘Thunder’.
6 Gåpåmod 6:19 One of the most beautiful words in the Danish language is the word ‘Gåpåmod’ the meaning is something like ‘Courage’. And I think that is what it takes to put your trust in another person and to be true friends. With a true friend you can always share your feelings no matter if they are good or bad. Improvising music together is also very scary and you have to have courage for this as well. It can turn out good or very bad. It was amazing to see again what you can do in just one week when you trust each other. This feeling of ‘Gåpåmod’ inspired this track.
7 Hjortebøf 10:04 Food is also something we both enjoy very much. Dinner is a good moment on the day to share experiences and reflect back on the day. We had some nice dinners in Bork Havn. But one of the best was a deer steak in a very nice restaurant. The Danish word for ‘deer steak’ is ‘Hjortebøf’. After dinner was the moment in the day we usually started with playing our music. This track was actually inspired by the nice dinner we had before this track. And of course it is not only about the food, but also about the stories we shared during this dinner.
8 Vindmøller 7:20 If there is one thing you see a lot when you drive around in Denmark it is wind mills. The danish word for this is ‘Vindmøller’. Denmark is very flat and close to the sea so they have a lot of wind and they use this wind to produce a large portion of their electricity. Of course we both brought our synthesizers and laptops to record our music. All this electronic equipment uses electricity and it is a nice thought that the electricity that we used to create this album was generated by the wind. We talked about this just before starting this track, so it was inspired by the wind.
9 Venskab 5:39 The most important inspiration for this whole album is our friendship. At the moment of the release of this album we are friends for 15 years. This is a very special moment for us both and a good occasion to release this album. The Danish word for ‘friendship’ is ‘Venskab’ and we thought this would be a fitting name for the last track of this album. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did creating this ‘BorkHavn‘ album.

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