is new in the world of Electronic Music. Behind this modern and recognizable artist name is the Dutchman Michel van Osenbruggen. On his first album 'AeroDynamics' he manages to mix two of his big passions into a very interesting musical whole: Formula 1 racing (well, Michel doesn't race himself but he watches the races with great love and anticipation) and Electronic Music. The 12 tracks on 'AeroDynamics' are not only inspired by cars but also by planes where Michel has a special feeling for as well (he was once an F16-mechanic), especially the aerodynamics of the machines. Cars and planes go fast. 'Fast' is also an idea the listener to 'AeroDynamics' might have because most of the compositions have a certain 'drive'. The music is rhythmically done cleverly and played with much emphasis on melodies. Let's say, this could be the music that Jean Michel Jarre might have created nowadays.

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And from the truly inspired imaginings of (aka Michel van Osenbruggen), we have the debut album worthy of some praise and appreciation. I love the very wisely selective use of sequencers and inserts... there's a love of music here that stretches right back to the heart of the late seventies/eighties and comes skipping relentlessly back to now. Production is rather neat indeed and I know as a MySpace Flight Commander, Michel is adored by the electronic consuming masses! Watch out for the Jarre reflections; they're well composed and arranged and make you want to take a nice long break to the other half of the sky where this album originates from. My favourite little pieces of magic are delivered in the form of 'Scuderia', 'DownForce', 'AeroDynamics', and 'Falcon' (an appreciation of my kind of avionics!).

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Hi Michel! "Aerodynamics" came in the mail today, and I LOVE IT! I'd like to start by saying that there is not one good track on this entire CD. They are all EXCELLENT! It has been a long time since I have been this excited about an album/CD. Every track on 'Aerodynamics' is bursting with energy. The theme of the CD is the aerodynamic aspects relating to planes and race cars, etc., and I find the liner notes to be very interesting. There are twelve tracks in all, and there is a brief description of every piece, what inspired it, and even an education of the aerodynamic terms that are used for titles, which I find to be quite interesting. There is also a brief bio of Michel van Osenbruggen -a.k.a. and a short description of where the theme of the album came from.

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This has to be one of the best EM cds of the year, no doubt. First track very reminiscent of JMJ, the rest, JMJ on steroids, the music that is. I also put David Morleys : Ghosts up there with this one as well as Create: Space Time Continuum, and FSP: Gent, Brendan Pollard: Flux Echoes, i know i missed alot others but just to give you an idea. Sound production and mastering have to be amongst the best i have ever heard. Michel did a fascinating job, building each track into something spectacular, but each piece is different in its own. Everything from the sequencing, drum programming, synth solos , f/x, and sampling are all excellent, you would think he made 20 cds by now, considering the high quality put into this project.

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Eine CD rund um das Thema "Luftwiderstand und seine Freunde"! Warum eigentlich nicht? Und wenn es so überzeugend bearbeitet und vorgetragen wird wie von diesem Solo-Projekt des Holländers Michel van Osenbruggen, dann sehe ich auch mal über die geschmacklichen Entgleisungen bei der Gestaltung des Covers hinweg, denn das ist wirklich billig und lieblos mit Photoshop für Arme zusammengezimmert worden. Die Musik ist unaufdringliche und rein instrumentale Synthiemusik, die sich gerne bei den üblichen Verdächtigen wie MOBY, KRAFTWERK oder K. Schulze bedient und würde sich sicher gut als Instrumental-Bonustrack auf so mancher modernen Pop-Maxi machen.

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Michel van Osenbruggen is the man behind the name Here's a relative newcomer to the music scene since he only started making music in 2005. He's been influenced by a lot of the big names in synth music such as J.M. Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk etc. AeroDynamics is inspired by the aero dynamics of both cars and planes; these inspirations can be found in the liner notes which have a brief description of the background to each track. Watery percussion and the whine of Formula One racing cars zooming by are our intro to the album in 'Scuderia'.


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First of all, I want to congratulate with his very first album. The cd tracks sound very refreshing to me. I like the racetrack-samples he used very much. They really give something special to the song. While listening the CD over and over again, you will find a real cohesion or chemistry between the tracks. Sure, I do have my own favorite tracks but that's personal. You have to listen to it to discover. I can't wait for the next album and I want to give Michel a lot of positive power for his next production.

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I just finished reviewing a very dark ambient album, and was in need of a fast antidote. I quickly reached for the new disc by new talent, a Dutch musician by the name of Michel van Osenbruggen. I had already listened to it a couple of times, and knew that it would be the perfect way to get my energy back. This is totally fun, upbeat, optimistic music. The album's title derives from van Osenbruggen's love of planes, cars, and other aerodynamic phenomena. We get to hear race cars whizzing by in the opening seconds of the opening track, 'Scuderia'.

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A Ferrari over Mars! How does it sound to you? Syncopate rhythms which roll on beautiful involving sequences! Does that interest you? Here AeroDynamics, the 1st opus from the Dutch synthesist Michel Van Osenbruggen. As much to say it first, you won.t find complex sequences, nor long atmospheric passages. No, is from Jean Michel Jarre (new grinding) school, Moonbooter and a punchy zest of Kraftwerk. So rhythm, lot of rhythm with solid percussions on unbridles sequences.

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This release from 2007 offers 68 minutes of fleet electronic music. is Michael van Osenbruggen. Energetic electronics flourish here, creating engaging tunes peppered with sliding punctuations and chugging rhythms. A versatility is present in the electronics. Airy textures roil at the edges, evoking the impression that each song is zooming along. Crystalline chords swirl with jubilant resolve, generating a mood of amiable comfort. Sharper riffs are triggered by nimble-fingered keyboards, establishing an invigorating effervescence.

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