Atmosphere is a great new album of synth music album from Dutch synthesist Michel van Osenbruggen, aka Atmosphere is a concept album, based on the layers of atmosphere that surround the Earth, the various types of clouds that are encountered within each layer and the sounds of weather that might occur at each layer. The tracks are arranged to follow the layers of the atmosphere, as if you were taking a trip from the earth into space. The 'atmosphere' concept isn't heavy-handed, but serves as a framework for Osenbruggen's music, which is electronic music in the synth music tradition of artists like Tangerine Dream, 80's Jan Hammer and Jean Michel Jarre. The music has a symphonic electronica texture with an emphasis on traditional analog-style sounds. The tracks on Atmosphere are very melodic, without being pop-ish. One of the highlights of the album is Stratocumulus. It features a sequenced synth bass line, a string/brass synth melody line and phased synth strings. builds on this with tasteful use of electronic percussion, effects and a bit of sampled ambient effects.

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The style of this work is situated on the border between Synth-Pop and the most futuristic areas of Techno. Also there are some traits from Space Music, that contribute to enrich the pieces. Almost all the music is very dynamic, with powerful rhythms, although there also are slow parts. The melodies usually are lively, in an atmosphere typical of a soundtrack for an adventure movie. This is a fresh and innovative album, which no doubt will contribute to increasing the reputation of the artist. The most impressive piece in the album is, in my opinion, "Nimbostratus".

Nach dem Debütalbum, das sich noch mit dem erdgebundenen Thema 'AeroDynamics' beschäftigte, hebt Michel van Osenbruggen nun vollkommen ab und verschwindet in 12 Tracks komplett in den einzelnen Schichten unserer Atmosphäre. Seinem Gesammtsound ist er auch weiterhin treu geblieben und so umschmeicheln lüftige, angenehme Synthiemelodien und sphärische Schwingungen das Ohr. Im sehr relaxten Mid-Tempobereich wird man immer her hinausgetragen und erreicht fast meditative Stimmungen, allerdings ohne dabei in Kitsch oder Klischees abzurutschen, was wohl auch daran liegt, dass die Stücke für diese Art von Musik eher kurz gehalten wurden und sich eher an Popsongs orientieren als an langgezogenen New-Age-Geklimper. In unserer sonst so hektischen Zeit bezaubert eine solche Musik durch ihre Ruhe und Schlichtheit. - Wer die mittlere Phase von TANGERINE DREAM mag, der sollte hier einfach mal beherzt zugreifen!


One thing is for sure, has a great website dedicated to his music. Michel van Osenbruggen offers you plenty of material to learn more about his project. An extensive biography, download links of interviews (with audio from both his releases), behind the scene pictures / stories of his huge studio packed with impressive hardware, links to different blogs with more detailed info and links to other artists (a very interesting list). It is really worth to pay a visit. Influenced by 80s synthesizer music, most inspiring artists are among his top friends on Myspace. To name a few: Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Kitaro.

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Michel van Osenbruggen (Synth.NL) 2nd album is inspired by the layers of atmospheres which surround our planet. A little in the same vein as its 1st opus, AeroDynamics, the Dutch synthesist continues to forge energetic music with catchy rhythms. Atmosphere offers a beautiful range with a touch closer to nebulas atmospheres than cosmic one, as we found on AeroDynamics. A new kind of progressive synth pop with a heavy approach. Troposphere is fomented like a grain in space. A train comes from nowhere and releases heteroclite sound effects. The ambiance is cosmic, except for fine cymbals which initiate a percussion set more vigorous, in a cosmic sphere with Mellotron chorus and light hazes. A syncopated sequence is melting agreeably in this space landscape, creating a sustained rhythm which girdles an active nebulosity. In a track, Synth.NL situates his music. Melodious and rhythmic, stuffed of heavy Mellotron which gives the impression to slow down the tempo.

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This album by Dutch artist Michel van Osenbruggen is dedicated to the atmosphere of our planet Earth and each track is named after a specific gas layer above the surface, starting from the lower ("Troposphere") and going up right until "Exosphere", where the gas molecules are so sparse that it is almost like outer space already. Some tracks are named after specific types of clouds. The first track begins with whooshing wind and subtle synth effects. Little by little a nice relaxed rhythm develops and a nice melody is played by a Mellotron-like choir. A louder, symphonic theme dominates the second part of this track. Nice relaxed stuff. "Cumulonimbus" begins with subtle rain effects and a mysterious synth theme. A laidback rhythm starts, joined by tinkling sequences. A somewhat melancholic theme is introduced, but everything then calms down for an atmospheric section, dominated by great synth effects. The rhythm returns after a few seconds as the main theme reappears towards the end.

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Hello all! Now I have the new album AtmoSphere from SYNTH.NL and I will like to give an opinion to this: The design of the cover is 'atmospheric' and in the booklet you will find a description of the spheres, clouds and weather around our planet, which in this album the song-titles are. Great idea! You can find also some specifications about SYNTH.NL and this album. I hear this album in my car and in my living room at the dolby-surround-system. The sound of the album is great, but you must hear this album with a good headphone, because SYNTH.NL hid many details in the songs, that you can hear much better with headphones. I hear it now to fourth time and I think I did not find any detail anymore now. The synths and the self sampled sounds that SYNTH.NL use in the songs are fantastic. The wide Pads, the Leads, Basses and Drums carry me from the earth's surface.

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AtmoSphere is more playful upbeat melodious synth music from Michel van Osenbruggen. Whereas AeroDynamics was based on the theme of motion, this time van Osenbruggen has his head in the clouds, quite literally, going through the many levels of earth's atmosphere. Starting in the 'Troposphere' the music is appropriately, uh, atmospheric of course. Though it is floaty it is also thoroughly electronic, with just the right tribal touches as well. It progresses smoothly from a mellow to a more upbeat sound, with solid sequencing and melodic synth leads. 'Cumulonimbus' starts appropriately with distant thunder and an ominous mood, though it turns light and bouncy as well. There is a Jarre-like playfulness here and on the next track 'Stratosphere', but Osenbruggen carves out his own sound and style within the genre. Sometimes there is a more majestic tone, often right in the middle of otherwise toe-tapping tracks, but transitions are deftly handled.

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Colored images of quickly moving and transforming clouds appear with the first chords of the album 'AtmoSphere' by Its music is very vivid and visual. And yet, it is very strong and well-composed. Michel van Osenbruggen (a.k.a. creates the project in the best traditions of European electronic music. It recalls Tangerine Dream and in the whole the best releases of famous Berlin School. On the other hand Michel van Osenbruggen's music is penetrated with the spirit of romanticism (like compositions of Jean-Michel Jarre). 'AtmoSphere' is the second album of Michel van Osenbruggen. His synthesizer's melodies amaze by clearness of musical palette. The artist masterfully weaves the sounds of thunder storms, rain and wind into his music. And it is a very melodious and full of aerial harmonies. Also, Michel van Osenbruggen's music has a strong dramatic effect. is undoubtedly a new bright project not only on the European but also on the world electronic music scene.

To start off words cant even compliment this fabulous cd. The theme seems to be very mysterious. Bright synth pads, cruising sequencer lines, driving percussion and drums. The bass lines alone deserve credit alone, i can say wow, the thumping gets your feet tapping. A lot of EM artists these days seems to be queued on a certain sound which makes it quite boring and not at all interesting. Michel however seems to create his music in a way that you will want to play it over and over again without being boring. Track 6 is loaded with choirs, what a fantastic piece. Not to mention every one is awesome. Berlin School this isn't, but exciting, interesting, modern EM this is. Great job Michel, keep the great music coming.

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