Nattefrost - Dying Sun / Scarlet MoonReleased: October 9th 2010, By Groove Unlimited

This is a new CD by Bjorn Jeppesen from Denmark released under his artist name Nattefrost. Bjorn is just like me signed under the record label Groove Unlimited. And that is how we got in touch. We have met on several occasions, mostly electronic music related events. We have become good friends since then and are in regular contact over the Internet. In 2010 I joined Bjorn on a trip to Sweden where he played on the Norberg festival. During this trip we also spend some time in his studio and played some music together. There also a track called 'Close Encounter' was born that now features on Bjorn's new CD. This is the first Nattefrost and collaboration and I'm sure more will follow in the future. I'm glad to have been able to contribute to Bjorn's new CD in this way. More information about Bjorn and his music on


Please note that this is just an excerpt of the song. The whole song is 6 minutes long! Also this sample is just a low quality mp3 demo. The quality on the CD will be much better! The CD has 10 tracks on it. It holds just one track by Nattefrost &



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Track info:

1 Close Encounter 06:05 This is a track I made together with Bjorn Jeppesen when I visited his studio in Copenhagen in 2010. I was there because we went on a trip to Sweden together where Bjorn performed as Nattefrost. Since we were both from another country visiting another country we felt a bit like Aliens and we decided to do a track about an Alien Encounter. Also know as Close Encounter of the Third kind (like the movie). This is our first collaboration track and it is released in 2010 on Bjorn's album Dying Sun / Scarlet Moon.

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