"De Natura" gets this album underway with heavy effects and a rumbling bass line. A great melodic theme follows with traces of Kraftwerk's "The Robots" in the way the sequences and rhythms are built. Some key changes follow with various pulsating electronic sounds coming and going. Excellent, varied EM! "Draconian" follows in a similar manner - urban synths (house-like), pulsing rhythms, twittering effects... all this accounts for a typical, trademark Nattefrost sound. A gentle, 4/4 rhythm gives the track a sense of purpose and brings in that extra dynamic element. This track is fairly somber and is loaded with fat sequences. "Music for the Man" is moodier, darker and with a wicked beat that sounds like Kraftwerk gone Industrial. The use of vocoder reinforces that feeling.


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The fine electronics Bjørn Jeppesen aka Nattefrost presents on "Dying Sun/Scarlet Moon" album are of a groovy but also spatial nature. The album offers a nice assemblage of attractive sequencer patterns, contemporary sounds and textures, all glued together into catchy instrumental compositions which set things in motion from the first tracks on. Did he already previously collaborate with Robert Schroeder, this album sees him work together with Matzumi (a.k.a. the German musician Kathrin Manz) on "Die Kinder Der Erde" and Synth.nl (a.k.a. Dutch composer Michel van Osenbruggen) on "Close Encounter". Especially the latter piece is a strong and expressive effort offering a beautiful marriage of sequencers and appealing melodic lines.

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Nattefrost has become quite a “household” name in serious electronic music. On record but also on stage, Bjørn Jeppesen knows what he is doing. Therefore it is not a strange thing that there was a lot of demand in seeing this versatile musician from Denmark live on a festival in The Netherlands. This took place on the “E-Live festival” In Oirschot at October 9 and was a big success. Just prior to “E-Live”, Bjørn released a new CD on the Groove-label, “Dying Sun/Scarlet Moon” and, not surprisingly, many of the material from that album was played during the concert. Bjørn likes to take challenges in working with other musicians. For instance, amongst others, he has worked with Robert Schroeder. On “Dying Sun/Scarlet Moon” also some interesting people are present (physically and/or digitally). He is accompanied by Matzumi (a.k.a. Kathrin Manz) on “Die Kinder Der Erde” and Synth.nl (a.k.a. Michel van Osenbruggen) on “Close Encounter”.

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