Colored images of quickly moving and transforming clouds appear with the first chords of the album 'AtmoSphere' by Its music is very vivid and visual. And yet, it is very strong and well-composed. Michel van Osenbruggen (a.k.a. creates the project in the best traditions of European electronic music. It recalls Tangerine Dream and in the whole the best releases of famous Berlin School. On the other hand Michel van Osenbruggen's music is penetrated with the spirit of romanticism (like compositions of Jean-Michel Jarre). 'AtmoSphere' is the second album of Michel van Osenbruggen. His synthesizer's melodies amaze by clearness of musical palette. The artist masterfully weaves the sounds of thunder storms, rain and wind into his music. And it is a very melodious and full of aerial harmonies. Also, Michel van Osenbruggen's music has a strong dramatic effect. is undoubtedly a new bright project not only on the European but also on the world electronic music scene.

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