AtmoSphere is more playful upbeat melodious synth music from Michel van Osenbruggen. Whereas AeroDynamics was based on the theme of motion, this time van Osenbruggen has his head in the clouds, quite literally, going through the many levels of earth's atmosphere. Starting in the 'Troposphere' the music is appropriately, uh, atmospheric of course. Though it is floaty it is also thoroughly electronic, with just the right tribal touches as well. It progresses smoothly from a mellow to a more upbeat sound, with solid sequencing and melodic synth leads. 'Cumulonimbus' starts appropriately with distant thunder and an ominous mood, though it turns light and bouncy as well. There is a Jarre-like playfulness here and on the next track 'Stratosphere', but Osenbruggen carves out his own sound and style within the genre. Sometimes there is a more majestic tone, often right in the middle of otherwise toe-tapping tracks, but transitions are deftly handled.

I sometimes found his debut a little too playful and light, but AtmoSphere shows more restraint and maturity in the compositions which works to its advantage. Even when tracks do get a little sweeter, as on 'Stratocumulus' and 'Altocumulus', it seldom if ever carries things too far on the cute or cheesy scale. When I'm in the mood for the lighter melodic side of EM, AtmoSphere will be a disc I will reach for often.


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