Hello all! Now I have the new album AtmoSphere from SYNTH.NL and I will like to give an opinion to this: The design of the cover is 'atmospheric' and in the booklet you will find a description of the spheres, clouds and weather around our planet, which in this album the song-titles are. Great idea! You can find also some specifications about SYNTH.NL and this album. I hear this album in my car and in my living room at the dolby-surround-system. The sound of the album is great, but you must hear this album with a good headphone, because SYNTH.NL hid many details in the songs, that you can hear much better with headphones. I hear it now to fourth time and I think I did not find any detail anymore now. The synths and the self sampled sounds that SYNTH.NL use in the songs are fantastic. The wide Pads, the Leads, Basses and Drums carry me from the earth's surface.

The songs are very good arranged and they have very much alternation. My result about this album: If you like electronic music, like Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze and so on, and if you want to dive into a relaxed world, you must buy this album.


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