Groove Unlimited present us a new collaboration between one of the greatest electronic musicians, Ron Boots, and a young dutch composer very prolific during those past years, Michel van Osenbruggen aka “”. “Refuge en Verre” is the title of this collaboration and it is the result of a weekend in the Ardennes, Belgium, where both musicians were together relaxing and passing time in the wild nature, but also to have inspiration to do a great work together. “Refuge en Verre” has 8 fantastic electronic songs of great quality, where both musicians show their great skills for play and compose music. Remember that both are great musicians, very famous inside the electronic music world nowadays. All the titles of the songs are in French language; all of them tell us the experience of the weekend that both musicians were together with the individual point of view of each. The first song is called “Refuge en Verre “, same as the name of the album. The last one is “Soleil Levant” (an early dawn). No doubt, we are in front of two of the best compositors nowadays, a very famous musician (Ron Boots) and a musician with lot of potential (Michel Van Ossenbruggen). Refuge en Verre is the first (and I hope not the last one) collaboration of both. We can find good electronic music with sequencer sounds, curious samples, rhythm, etc. It is a disc where you can notice the good feeling between both musicians.Thanks to them for a good work for all the electronic music fans around the world.

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