Whether it was the relaxed atmosphere the duo were in when the music was conceived or the fact they have worked together before made a difference I don't know but from track 1 I knew this was going to be a quality album. Quite noticeable to this reviewer is the sustained keyboard solos through many of the tracks ("Refuge en Verre," "La Roche-en-Ardenne" and "Combat des Coqs") something I've been missing of late. Classic-sounding EM. A superb guitar sound on "Combat..." giving that track a real bite. "Orage d'ete," "Coucher du Soleil" and "Rosee du Matin" highlighting their mellower side with some beautiful melodies and atmosphere. This is their first CD together, although they have worked together on previous Synth.NL albums, but surely not their last. Highly recommended.

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