In 2006, Ron Boots and Michel van Osenbruggen (better known as digitally met on the Dutch “Synth Forum”. They started talking about synthesizers and synthesizer music and found out that they shared the same fascinations. Ron is the best and most well-known electronic musician from The Netherlands with many respected and successful releases behind his name, got signed by Groove Unlimited in 2007 and has released three well-received albums to date. In 2010 their wives rented a house in the Belgian Ardennes for a weekend. Both Ron and Michel brought a synthesizer with them and they started making music together. The name of the house was “Refuge en Verre”. The nice and relaxed time Ron, Michel and their families had in the house, surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Ardennes, led to the inspiration for this album. The eight compositions on “Refuge en Verre” all have a theme about the house and the environments there. The music is a perfect mix between the sounds of the two musicians: retro, powerful and melodically (Ron) as well as melodically, lively and rhythmic (Michel). It is great to hear what the two of them are capable of together.



It starts with the titletrack that has long-stretched sequencers and fine soloing. “La Roche-en-Ardennes” is the name on the town where Refuge en Verre is located. It is also the name of a fine composition with a wonderful melody and fat solosounds. One of the best tracks ever that has come out from Ron and his musical friends is “Orage d’été” that has a fantastic sequence and overall atmosphere. This is how serious electronic music should sound. The powerful sequences and melodies that can be found on the soloalbums by the two, have an important role on “Refuge en Verre”. Take, for instance the slightly melancholic “Coucher de Soleil” and “Rosée du Matin”, the last one could almost be a composition by the great Vangelis himself. But there is also place for some lighter moments, like “Contemple du Ciel” and “Combat des Coqs”, a track about two coqs having a “crow-battle”. “Soleil Levant” brings the music back to the long sequencerlines. The musical collaboration between Ron and Michel has become one that delivers us with al album that easily can be placed amongst the best that has ever came out of the brain of Ron and his friends. Let’s just hope their wives decide to rent some more houses in weekends in the future so we can hear some more of this excellent music from these two top musicians from EM.

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